Dark Horse Timber Co.



At Dark Horse Timber our mission is to provide quality materials at a competitive cost that meet our customers expectations. As a locally owned and operated business we believe that our customers satisfaction is our top priority.



We aim to be the number one provider of lumber in the Uintah Basin and surrounding areas by believing in four main values.


Meet Customer Expectations.


Provide Quality Materials.


Support Local Industries.


Sustain Profitability and Growth.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

- Henry ford | -



Dark Horse Timber was founded in late 2018. It was started by Darin Landes and Daniel Kinzie, who together, have over 20 years experience owning and operating their own businesses. With the support and guidance from local industry titans like Jeff Fabrizio we aim to be the number one lumber supplier for the Uintah Basin and surrounding areas. Collectively our employees have over 60 years of sawmill and logging experience.